Orchid Pattern Wall Clock


Orchid Pattern Wall Clock

Give the beautiful beauty to your home or work with this dream clock … Stunning elegance, unparalleled quality …

The stylish and unique design of this clock will take you

It will be astonishing

Has 12 months replacement warranty
Price: 49000 USD

The beauty of the house comes not from furniture, not from TVs, not from tables, chairs, rugs and picture frames. The beauty of the house comes from the right mix and the artistic choice of all the appliances that you bring home and your home with it. Everything that looks like a little at home makes your overall beauty beautiful. A small flower pot, full of flowers, a small angel statue on the fireplace, a beautiful pendant of the corners of the wall, and so you have to choose all the tools, the taste and the art. One of the things that is needed in every home is the clock. Usually you do not pay much attention to choosing the clock, but the wall and wall clock models are so varied that you can change the shape and the overall appearance of the walls. These beautiful examples will help you to get ideas.

Price: 49000 USD

The Orchid Wall Clock is one of the newest wall clock models, with its unique beauty and stunning elegance that complements the decoration of every home. This wall clock has a very high quality and has a Taiwanese engine. You can now order an Orchid Designer Clock with a 12-month replacement warranty by the Maestranst Store at an extraordinary price.

Price: 49000 USD

Product Specifications:
– Material: Taiwanese Plexiglas
– Size: 50 * 80
– Black color
– Engine type: Taiwanese
– Warranty period: one year
– Packing: This is a carton package of 30 to 30 inches, which will be converted to the original size after installation.
Installation Method: The clock installation guide is sent to you and easily installed by a special two-way tape that is made for this type of watch. The engine part is also fitted with a small nail.
– How to clean: Just clean the cloth with a damp cloth.
– Anti-scratch cloth sticker: To prevent scratches and clogs, the body of the clock is fastened on the watch in a brown colored carriage that can be easily removed as soon as it is delivered.

How to buy: To purchase after you click on the button below and complete the order form, first send the product or products to your home or office, then pay the merchandise and shipping cost to the post office. To see the selling form just click on the button bellow.

Price: 49000 USD

12 Again short story

Bobby Osgood traipsed the no-slip rubber-lined bus aisle, grabbing seat-backs as Mrs. Thompson pulled away, screeching her tires. It was weird being short again, weird being driven around, weird seeing all these faces he hadn’t seen or thought of in years, all these people who, like him, had become kids again.

Bobby saw a boy named Stu Tabb. What a cool name. What a perfect haircut, what a tough jacket. Bobby shuddered as he stared at Stu Tabb, because he remembered hearing that Stu had been killed in a car crash years ago. Yet here he was, alive again, still alive. Bobby said, ‘Hey, Stu.’

Stu Tabb just stared back, a trifle annoyed because he, Stu Tabb, was an older kid, in high school, and older kids in high school have zero time to talk to 6th grade punks like Bobby Osgood.

Someone else was staring at Stu Tabb: a pretty girl with green eyes. Bobby turned to tomato sauce when he saw her. She was Becky Raven and Bobby was…and Bobby had…he couldn’t look at her.

‘This is stupid,’ Bobby thought. ‘I’m an adult male, 32 years old, despite whatever’s going on today. I’ve been married. Why can’t I even look at a 7th grade chick?’

He tried again, but couldn’t force himself to look straight into that pale thin face, not after what had happened.

Another kid was waving at him. ‘Hey, c’mon! I saved you a seat.’

This was Cliff Brown, Bobby’s best friend. Bobby knew that he and Cliff stopped being friends later, because Cliff was a bully who beat up little kids. Also, he’d once gotten Bobby in trouble by cheating off his answers on a Civics quiz.

Bobby went to sit next to Cliff anyway, even though he felt more like sitting next to the fat kid whom everyone called Spaz, and being nice to him, for a change. Bobby and Cliff didn’t have much to say to each other, but that was OK because they were still friends and friends don’t necessarily have to talk.

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Cliff was scanning the streets for muscle cars through the window. Bobby was staring three rows ahead, at Becky Raven’s long black hair that swayed with the motion of the bus.

‘Ooooooh, Bobby’s in love!’ Cliff’s face was a Halloween mask of mockery. Bobby was busted, for liking girls.

‘Shut up!’ Bobby slammed his elbow into Cliff’s ribs. The fact that he was still in love with Becky Raven bugged him. Cliff and Bobby traded punches and wrestled all the way to school. Bobby hadn’t slugged or strangled anyone in years. Man, it was fun.

So much fun, he almost forgot he had a math test coming up. Yow!

Wait a minute…a 6th grade math test was nothing to worry about. Hadn’t 32-year-old Mr. Robert Osgood been working at the Grand Central Bank these past seven years?

Mrs. Wilkes the math teacher, gray-haired and bespectacled, handed out the test papers, which smelled of rubbing alcohol. ‘Nice, how everything gets handed to you at this stage of the game,’ Bobby thought.

He said, ‘Thanks, Mrs. Wilkes. This looks like a really interesting test you’ve put together for us.’

Mrs. Wilkes looked at Bobby as though he’d gone stark foaming nuts. Then she smiled and said, ‘Well. Looks like someone has studied…for a change. Good boy, Bobby. Now get to work!’

Cliff Brown gave him a karate chop on the back of the neck. ‘You butt-kisser.’

The math test was a piece of cake, with sliced banana on top. Algebra’s no big deal, once you get the hang of it. ‘Why couldn’t math have been this easy back when I was really twelve?’ Bobby finished the test in ten minutes flat, checked his work, and swaggered up to Mrs. Wilkes’ desk to hand it over.

‘Are you sure you’re done, Bobby?’

‘Oh yes ma’am. Thanks. This one certainly covered a lot of material. Nearly stumped me with question #9. Pretty tricky.’



A grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says, “Hey, we have a drink named after you!”

The grasshopper looks surprised and asks, “You have a drink named Steve?”

A kangaroo walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “Blood is the lipstick of all wounds.”

The bartender does not know how he said this or why.