Angry Birds Angry Birds


MpTree Player Angry Birds

Angry Birds MP3 Player

The newest and most unique MP3 player in the world

Play your favorite music with the taste of Angry Birds!

A unique music player in a variety of colors

Stunning and stunning design with unique capabilities

Ultra-light and compact

for the first time in Iran

Comes with a one-year replacement warranty

Price: 28800 USD

In the past year, a game was released for devices like the iPod, Android smartphones and PCs, which was highly welcomed and became one of the most popular games of the century. The intensity of the game was so high that the company decided to make a computer version of the game. The name of this game is Angry Birds, and if you have not seen it before, you will be addicted to it.
Whether you like playing games on your phone or not, you may see people who are so busy with certain games that they are no longer at all around. Which game can be so busy? This is the game “Angry Birds”.
And now after the successful and popular Angry Birds game, the Maestran Studio has released its super-cute and powerful music player with a first-rate quality and unrivaled quality. This music player has a one-year replacement warranty.

MpTree Player Angry Birds

With unique and extra-ordinary quality

Extremely powerful broadcast system

Provided in red, blue, yellow, yasi and green colors

Very light and compact

Best gift for someone you love …

Price: 28800 USD

Device features:
– Play MP3 / WMA / WAV music with superb sound quality
– Beautiful design, lightweight and very low volume
– Built-in USB for transferring audio files
– Auto Detect capability without the need to install software on a computer
– Original packaging
– One year warranty

Technical Specifications:
– Memory: Micro SD memory card slot up to 16GB (no internal memory)
– Playable song format: WAV, AAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3
– Port: USB
– Battery: Rechargeable lithium (6 hours of music with each charge)
– Battery life: 3 hours for full charge and 2 hours for 80% charge
– Charger: Rechargeable via USB
– Weight: 40 g

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Price: 28800 USD